what we do + our impact

From the start, our mission has been to make it simple to shop, cook + eat local. We save you time by answering the nagging question of “what’s for dinner," sourcing the best local food, pairing it with chef-designed seasonal recipes, and hand delivering to your doorstep with minimal + returnable packaging.

We believe that if we can make life easier for both eaters and local producers, we can begin fixing our broken food system. Our model nurtures local economies by bolstering the sales of local farmers, ranchers, bakers, and makers with steady streams of reliable income.

Our story

My name is Joy Rubey and I’m a trained architect, wife, mom and I love good local food. I’ve always loved to build things, solve complicated problems, and create quality experiences.

In 2011, I started a locally-sourced meal kit business in WA to solve 3 needs in my life:

1. My husband was new to farming and I wanted to figure out a reliable way for him to sell food more efficiently.

2. I was a busy working mom who just wanted help getting seasonal local food on my table with ease.

3. I knew WAY too many people my age battling cancer and I wanted reassurance that the food I was feeding my daughter wasn’t filled with chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, colors, preservatives, etc.

With 11 years experience under our belt, we are so excited to bring our innovative meal kit model to The Front Range.

- Joy Rubey, Founder/CEO Spade & Spoon