How It Works

Step 1 - Place your order by the weekly deadline (Thursday at midnight)

We send you all the ingredients listed as "in the box" for your meals as well as recipe cards. We make most of your sauces, spice blends, and baking mixes to save you time. Shop for pantry items in our Marketplace or at your local store as needed.

We update our menu the morning after the weekly deadline with what's available in the next weekly order cycle.

Impact: We have already been communicating with local producers and designed our weekly menu around what is fresh and in season.


Step 2 - Get your delivery day confirmed

We send you an email the day after the weekly deadline confirming your delivery day for the next week.

Impact: We reach out to our network of producers to buy exactly what we need for your box to eliminate waste.


Step 3 - Get ready for delivery

Return boxes and ice packs from prior orders by leaving them out for your delivery driver.

We pack your box fresh with minimal packaging the morning you receive it and our in-house delivery team hand delivers to your doorstep.

Impact: Our in-house delivery drivers and pack team provide quality jobs for the community.


Step 4 - Unpack your box

Unpack your box of fresh local food and start cooking! Thaw any frozen items in your fridge the day before you plan to use them. Reach out to us if anything is wrong.

Impact: Your order supported a whole network of local producers!