Producer Spotlight: Sfoglina Pasta

We LOVE pasta. Even more, we love LOCAL pasta! That's why you'll find recipes featuring local Colorado pasta on our meal delivery food boxes nearly every week.

We are so proud to source pasta from Sfoglina Denver. Sfoglina uses local heirloom and heritage grains that are stone milled, utilizing bronze dies and they slow dry their pasta. Implementing these procedures not only leads to a better flavor but also a healthier, more nutrient-dense final product.

Pasta dough extruded through a bronze die gets tiny tears along its surface. The tears create a slightly rough surface that sauces stick better to than pasta extruded through other dies. You can see the process below. 

Ninety percent of the flour produced in the world is a wheat grain that is cheap and easy to grow. Sfoglina instead uses heritage and heirloom grains that have more flavor, are healthier, easier to digest, and increase biodiversity. Which is just another reason we love to have Sfoglina in so many of our meal delivery food kits.

Sfoglina Pasta provides our Pasta for our non cooked meal delivery service, check out our meal box delivery subscription

Jesse Albertini (pictured above), a native New Yorker, moved to Colorado in 2004 after graduating college. She came for a winter, decided to stay for a summer, and almost twenty years later, is still in love with the state.

Jesse is extremely passionate about responsibly sourcing produce and humanely raised animals, reducing waste, and being mindful of the environment.

Thank you Sfoglina for all you do for the Colorado food community! So, the next time you order your next pasta meal kit from Spade & Spoon know that Jessica and their local company Sfoglina, played a large role in making your healthy family-sized meal.