Our Food System Sucks

Joy's daughter - the beginnings of our denver meal delivery service

Prior to becoming a mom, I was totally cool with surviving solely on cheap carbohydrates. I put myself through college and I ate a LOT of bagels, buttered noodles, and peanut butter sandwiches (wow, as I type that out, I see that I basically ate like most two year olds for half a decade).

This little nugget you see above chomping down on some kale is Ana and she is the one that made me question so much about our world. 

Seriously, what in the world are we doing to food? Farmable soil, is anyone else worried? How do I raise my girl to be a good human? How do I teach her to eat well and nourish her body? How do I keep chemicals and crap out of the food I feed her? What can I do to improve the planet she inherits from us? What can she learn from seeing me work hard on an important mission? How can I make a difference in a very broken food system? 

She is the reason I survive difficult times and unbearable challenges (dang, owning a small business is TOUGH). She is also the inspiration behind a lot of the products we develop like our Kid's Box, Smoothie Collection, Baking Challenges, Pretzel Kit and more! 

I hope there will be a day that she looks back on the years we’ve dedicated to building the best food delivery service and she feels good about what we’ve accomplished.

Ana is thirteen now! She loves good food and soccer, she’s a great little chef, kind friend, creative entrepreneur and she’s healthy! I hope you all get to meet her some day at a farm to table dinner, at the warehouse, or at a fundraiser. We are a family-owned business, so there's also a good chance she will portion your mushrooms or beans for your delicious meal kit at some point too.