what's for dinner?what's for dinner?what's for dinner?

We know getting dinner on the table is hard. Our meal kits are created by moms, for moms, and many of our farmers are moms! It takes a village. Let’s do this “what’s for dinner thing” together.

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Trusted Local Food.
Worried about what your kids are eating? Feed your family locally sourced ingredients from Colorado, meeting the highest organic and sustainable standards.

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Minimal Packaging.
Tired of all that plastic? We deliver the same day your box is packed, without excessive plastic, styrofoam or heavy packaging. Our boxes and ice packs are returnable with your next order to reduce waste.

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Seasonal Eating.
Enjoy fresh, flavorful, and nutritious meals with our chef-designed seasonal recipes. Eating healthy has never been easier!

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Are you tired of answering the question, what's for dinner? Let us answer that for you! Choose the subscription box that's right for your family, and never have to choose what's for dinner again! You can trust that each meal provides a well rounded balanced diet full of clean local ingredients. Each themed box includes a easy to follow recipes to turn the seasons best food into meals you and your family will love.

Subscription boxes

Not sure you want to commit to a subscription box just yet? Wanna give us a try first? We get it! Our Build Your Own Box option allows you to choose as many meals as you want without being tied or committed. Paruse through all our meal kit options, and find the meals that best serve your family.

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I've tried several meal kits, and S&S is so much better than the big companies! The produce & baked goods are super fresh, and my food isn't sitting in a FedEx truck for days before it gets to me.

Erik Z.
Denver, CO

Finally. A local focused meal kit company gets it right! Reduced packaging, no more plastic wrapped one stalk of cilantro! I love that they reuse their boxes or bags each week.

Lindsay M.
Longmont, CO

Love that they utilize reusable and compostable packaging and the recipes were delicious! They have several vegetarian options which is great. Will definitely be ordering regularly!

Sami H.
Denver, CO

I've used a number of meal delivery services in the past decade and we are loving spade & spoon. The meal selections are incredible (and we have food allergies) and the quality of the ingredients is great!

Theresa M.
Erie, CO

Love love love love love ordering from Spade & Spoon. Not only are the recipes & meals delicious, but I appreciate the mindful packaging, sustainability, and that the ingredients support CO local businesses.

Maranda T.
Denver, CO
producer spotlight
Five Freedom's Dairy

Veterinarian Kevin McSweeney founded Five Freedoms Dairy to create a sustainable dairy that provides cows with a healthier, more enriched life. The dairy's unique practice involves allowing mother cows to care for and nurse their calves for at least five months after birth. Additionally, the cows have access to pasture, shade, and soft bedding, reflecting the dairy's commitment to treating them as intelligent, gentle creatures.

producer spotlight
Hoffman Family Farm

In 2011, Hanmei and Derrick met and eventually transformed Hanmei's family garden in north Greeley into an urban farm in 2014, which grew to over 100 acres by 2016 to meet local food demands. Hanmei, originally from a farming family in southern China's Fujian Province, and Derrick, a third-generation farmer from Loveland, Colorado, combined their backgrounds to create Hoffman Farms. Despite their diverse histories, they now work together to produce high-quality produce, with Hanmei focusing on deliveries and Derrick managing field operations.

producer spotlight
Altius Farms

JFS Altius Farms delivers healthier food while reducing environmental impact and boosting the economy through job creation and a robust food system. Using sustainable vertical farming techniques, they produce non-GMO, pesticide-free food and lower water consumption. Additionally, they provide workforce training and support the JFS Weinberg Food Pantry with nutritious produce.